12 Best Bargain Burgers & Fries in America


Burgers and fries are an inseparable part of American culture. In recent history, the burger & fries have become the staple for an average American. During a busy day, if you must have a quick meal, nothing beats a good burger and fry combo. Some would even say that, the burger and fry are the pinnacle of the fast food. However, even though burger and fries are considered as fast food, that does not necessarily mean that they come cheap. There are many fast food shops out there, that will charge you thousands of dollars just for a single burger. However, we are fully aware that a thousand dollar burger is not something you would like to eat on a daily basis. In fact, today we will be talking about some of the cheapest burger and fry combos you can get anywhere in America right now. Yes, these burgers will not exotic species or ingredients in them, but they will do their job nicely. We have ranked these burger and fry combos based on their price alone, because some may find ranking them on the basis of taste a bit subjective.

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