“There is a huge responsibility that comes with having a child. It is not just a matter of financially providing for them, taking care of their health and making sure they are safe. The most arduous undertaking is teaching them good manners and imparting them with highest values. You want to make sure that they grow up to be an individual who can distinguish between what is right and what is wrong and act accordingly. Observing people‚Äôs behavior, I am inclined to think that many parents did not do their job well. How condescending of me to say that, right? Sure, one cannot blame bad parents for every single poor choice adults make, however, what you teach your children and how you treat them matters. It has a great impact on what kind of people they will grow up to be. If you sanction bad behavior at an early stage, chances are it will not repeat itself later in life.”

Insider Monkey has recently published an article on 12 best countries to raise a daughter, and the above excerpt is the introduction of the said article. In the article the author provides her viewpoint on parenting and difficulties that come with it. She asserts that parenting can be a difficult endeavor, yet if a country creates a healthy environment for children to grow up in, parenting becomes a little easier. That being said, she provides the results of what the latest studies have found on what the best countries and cities are to raise a family. According to the survey conducted by InterNations, where expats provided their opinions on the matter, the best country to raise a family in 2017 was Finland. In another survey, expats have named Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, as the best city in the world for families. South Africa has been considered the best country in Africa to raise a family. To rank best counties for raising a daughter, the author used survey results as a primary source and indicators on health care system and education system. To see which countries have found their place on the list, check out the article.