12 Best Low Cost Franchises with High Profits in 2018


Haven’t you always wished to become an entrepreneur? With a franchise, running a business is a piece of cake! In case your financial resources aren’t unlimited, here are 12 best low cost franchises with high profits in 2018.

Being a franchisee is just wonderful! You are starting a business that someone else has been running successfully for quite some time before he/she decided it was popular and profitable enough to be turned into a franchise. Therefore, it’s a proven recipe for success. A franchisee gets the education and all the equipment needed from the mentor. If you follow the basic rules, you too could be earning as much as the original owner. Of course, no business is perfect, and neither is franchising. There are certain rules to obey which mustn’t be broken, no matter how original or creative your ideas may be. Also, you may end up paying royalties for a very long time. Finally, there are money issues. The most lucrative franchises cost up to several million, and it would take an eternity to get your initial investment. Luckily for you, Insider Monkey has 12 franchises with low startup costs.

Here you shall find plenty of franchises under $5,000, and some cost even less than $1,000. It’s all possible and profitable. They were selected according to the consumer trends for the following year. That means your investment will pretty soon pay off once you start selling your products or services. Also, some of them are worldwide franchises, so you can locate them anywhere you wish. It’s that simple. Or perhaps even more so, since the franchisee often gives you a list of most convenient locations.

To summarize, 2018 will be your best financial year ever if you invest in one of 12 best low cost franchises with high profits in 2018!