12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in December


Overworked? Fed up with all this holiday craze? You’d rather be sipping cocktails rather than eggnog? Get ready, because here’s are 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in December!

December is getting nearer with every day, and you are getting more and more tired. And nervous. At work, the atmosphere is hectic. The bosses are anxious about the end of the year reports, and the employees are already spending Christmas bonus in their minds. Of course, everyone is also wondering how much is it going to be this year, or if there is even going to be one this year considering the crisis and all the other excuses you’ve been served over the year. The bonus that you are expecting has already been accounted for Christmas and New Year’s presents. Even though you’re thinking about it, you still haven’t bought a single one, have you? No wonder the panic is slowly creeping up on you and everyone around you. Why don’t you just avoid all that by booking your vacation right now?

You may wonder why we liked this list. There are plenty of reasons. We found information on the safest countries, local Christmas customs and traditions and highlights of every destination. By the way, the weather is absolutely wonderful, and by wonderful, we mean nice and sunny. They took care that the number of cloudy days in December are at minimum (otherwise you would’ve just stayed where you are now, right?). Last but not the least, these vacations won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Have we tempted you enough? Now’s the best time to put your work aside, and take a brief look at 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in December. You know you’ve deserved this vacation. Find your favorite destination and enjoy your holidays!