12 Best Selling Soft Drinks in the World


Ever since its invention, soft drinks have revolutionized the idea of refreshment. Even though, in the beginning the soft drinks had been marketed towards children, but as time passed, a wider demographic started to enjoy it. And since then soft drinks have been used as an essential refreshment option with great success. If we look at its history, we will find that the idea of soft drinks has been around since the seventeenth century. But it was in the eighteenth century, when Englishman Joseph Priestley invented the way of infusing water with carbon dioxide to produce carbonated water or soda water, which is the base for most soft drinks of this day and age. After this breakthrough, soft drink industry never looked back and soon outgrew its humble beginnings. During the early 1840s as many as fifty soft drink manufacturers were mass producing soft drinks, and made this amazing refreshment available to masses for very cheap. There are countless soft drink manufacturers in the world today. But there are only a handful that are truly the best. And we have made a list of them for you to enjoy.

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