12 Biggest Hurricanes Ever Recorded in the World


If you wish to read about nature and its disastrous effects on human kind, take a look at 12 biggest hurricanes ever recorded in the world!

In today’s world when we are surrounded by so many gadgets, and we got completely used to creature comforts, we (mistakenly) have the idea that people rule the world. We’ve conquered every part of this planet, from east to west. There’s isn’t a single spot in which a man hasn’t looked for Pokemon, or at least sent a robot to explore. We are deciding about the destiny of so many living creatures, and it feels righteous to say we are the rulers of the planet. The man is changing the Earth’s surface by constant drilling and digging, building new roads and houses, constructing dams and lakes, digging tunnels through mountains and even under the sea. You can’t help but feel powerful. The man is the king of the world. Or at least until disaster strikes.

Insider’s Monkey is very informative. You’re going to find out how hurricanes are formed, what’s the difference between a typhoon and a hurricane, which is the biggest typhoon ever recorded, how hurricanes are categorized, and so on. Of course, when talking about the biggest hurricanes ever, you’ll see when and where they happened, what was their maximum speed, and the damage cost. The Great Galvestone Hurricane is also mentioned, but you’ll be surprised he isn’t on this list. There’s a good reason for it. To sum up, this piece of writing is full of interesting facts.

Therefore, if you wish to find out more about the devastating power of nature, check out Insider Monkey’s 12 biggest hurricanes ever recorded in the world!