12 Countries That Consume the Most Chocolate in the World in 2018


Be honest. Where’s your secret stash? Of chocolate, of course! After all, you must be a chocolate lover if you’ve just opened the link for 12 countries that consume the most chocolate in the world in 2018!

Dark, milk, white…Does it really matter? If you really indulge this sweet, the answer is positive. Luckily for all of us, chocolate has also been proclaimed healthy (in reasonable amounts, of course). Once upon a time, it was a famous drink of the gods, but today we can buy a chocolate bar at any convenience store. Just think about it. Even the smallest store has some kind of chocolate on offer. Doesn’t it speak volumes about how much we’ve become addicted to it?

However, chocolate’s popularity can’t be attributed only to its delicious taste. In today’s consumer society, it must be noted that people are encouraged to eat more sugar and chocolate bars than ever. Successful, funny advertisements do their trick, and women are also lead to think it must be chocolate they’re craving once a month. We are all eating much more sugar than we’re supposed to, and chocolate bars are so convenient. How could something so small have so many calories? Well, it does, but we love it nonetheless.

Insider Monkey will tell you just which nations love it a bit more than the others (or a lot more). Since the statistics for 2018 haven’t officially been published anywhere, the list is a reliable forecast based on certain indicators. Insider compared different lists from previous years concerning consumption, export, and import of the brown sweetness, as well as the forecasts for the upcoming years. In that way, they got a list of countries that were the most prominent when it came to chocolate consumption.

Hm, wouldn’t you say that reading about 12 countries that consume the most chocolate in the world in 2018 calls for some chocolate? Go ahead, we know you’ve got some. Read on and enjoy!