Don’t you just love having sushi? Can you imagine eating curry without rice? Impossible. However, neither Japan nor India are in the first place of Insider Monkey’s latest list of
12 countries with highest rice consumption per capita. China isn’t on the throne either.Intrigued? Keep on reading.

Rice is such exquisite food. Its taste is usually neutral, and it makes┬árice an excellent side dish. You can add different spices to create incredible sensations for your palate. Also, rice health benefits and advantages are always mentioned at food blogs. Usually, brown rice gets more praise, but the white type is very good, too. These are the two types most people are aware of, though there’s much more to it than meets the eye. This food gives you energy while being low in calories, so it’s everyone’s favorite when they’re on a diet. In addition, it aids skin care and digestion. Needless to say, your immune system loves it. But let’s talk figures here.

When we are discussing rice consumption on a global level, we’re talking about millions and millions of tons per country, while an average citizen can eat over 100 kg of rice per year! How about that? It’s no wonder, really, since most of the countries on our list are very populous. Some of them actually have enough rice to export, while others must import it to satisfy the people’s needs. By the way, did you know that Asian countries have their own version of the most powerful flu repellant – the chicken soup? Naturally, it’s a kind of a rice porridge. Also, you’ll see which countries like having meat for their main meal so much that they’re the world leaders in consumption of beef and poultry.

Now would be the perfect time to order some delicious Chinese food and read about rice in 12 countries with highest rice consumption per capita.