12 Countries With The Highest Percentage of College Graduates


We spend a lot of time, money, and effort for acquiring education, so that we can live up to our full potential. In today’s highly competitive world, if we are not up to the mark, we most certainly will face quite a lot of difficulty in our work life. The worsening economic conditions are resulting in high unemployment. We must do everything within our grasp to stay ahead of the competition, and perhaps most important thing we can do is getting a better education. Good grades and a good degree can really help when someone is starting out his career in his/her chosen field. Experience is definitely a good criteria to measure a candidate’s potential, but when starting out it just is not an option. It is true that a person can still manage a good career without higher education, but the likelihood of that happening is not great at all. Instead relying on education can yield far better results. Today we will be taking a look at a few countries, where the residents really take education very seriously. And unsurprisingly so, these countries are currently leading the world in every aspect.

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