12 Examples of Genetically Modified Food


Imagine yourself taking a stroll down the woods, and you come across a wild tomato plant, I can guarantee you that the wild tomatoes that you will find there looks nothing like the ones you pick up from your grocer. In fact, they will look quite unattractive in comparison, yes, these tomatoes have not been cared for and have not been supplied with proper fertilization, but still this much difference? Well, the main reason behind this is that it is likely that the tomatoes you pick up from your grocer have been genetically modified to look more juicy and attractive. Though some might argue, that genetic engineering or genetic modification is something unnatural and should not be done, but thanks to the countless advancements in this field, today we can enjoy some foods that would have been rather scarce and expensive if not for genetic engineering.

If you turn out eyes toward the third world countries, we will discover that a major problem there is hunger. The world is starving, and perhaps the only solution to this hunger problem lies within this field of science. Genetic engineering or modification does not just allow for foods to look good, but can also give crops better durability so that less pesticides and herbicides is required for a successful harvest, and many other useful properties.

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