12 Huge Plot Holes in Interstellar


Before we get going, let me make one thing very clear, that we are a huge fan of this great movie. And this is why the gaping plot holes in this otherwise amazing movie bother us this much. Interstellar is undoubtedly is a science fiction, but it handles the science part with great care, and when it comes to the fiction, it also tries to keep it in check so that it does not leave the realm of possibility and that we can actually make a sense of with our understand of modern science. All the while telling a very compelling story. But the thing with time travel movies is that it creates some paradoxes. And not just interstellar, but every time travel movie has some unexplainable paradoxes. But that does not mean they are bad movies or they have less entertainment value. All we are saying that this is the same with interstellar, there are some plot holes, that we would have liked the movie without, but still the movie is a great one. And if you have not yet watched the movie, then do so right after you are done reading this article.

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