12 Most Expensive Cities to Live in The US


Every month the bills stack up pretty high for the most of us. After tackling all the bills, such as rent, mortgage, utilities, transportation how much is left for you at the end of the month? Well, the answer is dependent on where you live. There are some cities that are just way more expensive than other cities. Even with this dipping economy expenses tend to go higher and higher every year.

Unsurprisingly the biggest cities of the United States are the most expensive to live in as well. Also, these cities are usually more attractive for settling down. They offer quite a lot of opportunities for everyone from a highly trained professional to a novice. But there is a catch, even though the wages may seem high, but the cost of living is higher as well, this may result in a deterioration in quality of life for some. So ample thought must be given before deciding to move into one such city.

Today we have come up with a list of 12 Most Expensive Cities to Live in The US. This list is important for you because, perhaps you have been thinking about moving out to one of these cities. So, before deciding upon anything concrete, I suggest that you go through the full article. It will help you make the decision. Even though some cities apparently seem to have more opportunities, but the cost of living there, is probably much higher there.