12 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold


Domain names are an interesting thing. It is the part of a network address that identifies it as being in a particular domain. Basically the web dress that you type in when you wish to visit a website. And the thing is, domain names can be worth a lot of money. Why is that? Well, suppose you have a business and want to get a website for promoting your business. And when you look for the matching domain name for your business, you find out that someone else has the rights already registered to that domain name. Therefore, you have to buy it off of that person in order to you that domain name. The thing is, registering a domain name does not take much money nor effort. But coming up with a unique domain name is the main problem. According to the data available, all unique domain names have been already registered. It is no wonder that some domain names have been sold for so much money. If a big company wants a domain name, it will pay a huge sum to the owner of the domain name.

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