12 Most Expensive Places to Live in the World


Do you happen to be someone who travels overseas a lot? Or perhaps you are planning a holiday somewhere in Europe soon? Well, if it is either the case, then you better find out about the cost of living in the city you are planning to go. Because according to MVF Global and Expert Market Europe is the most expensive continent to live in. There are cities in Europe that will cost you a fortune to spend the night there. It is however very surprising that in the most expensive cities to live list not a single American city makes the top twenties. Even with the ridiculously high hotel expenses of San Francisco and New York they are not in the top twenties. However, they are in the top thirties. As things are it would not hurt to know about the most expensive cities, because chances are, if you happen to travel a lot, sooner or later you will end up in one of them.

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