12 Most LGBT Friendly States In America


In light of the recent presidential election results, there were many concerns regarding the future of the thriving LGBT community in the United States. However, most of those fears have been assuaged by the actions of the Trump government. This is what appears to be true for the time being, but what the future holds is still shrouded in darkness. Anyway, today we are going to talk about the 12 most LGBT friendly states in America. If you belong to the proud community of LGBT, and you do not want to be judged by others based on your sexual orientation, then these states are your best bet. No matter how progressive the world claims to be, there will always be people to raise their eyebrows at things that does not fit into the established social norms. Although, homosexuality and transsexualism have existed for a long time, they have not yet been accepted by a large portion of the society. Till that day comes, people belonging to the LGBT community will face crooked stares from others and will be judged just based on that. If you want your peace of mind, then these 12 states is where you should be in.

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