12 Popular Science Myths Debunked


If you’re one of those who like science and want to read something interesting about it, we would like to share an article with you today. Insider Monkey has created a very interesting list of twelve popular science myths that are debunked, which you’re going to like very much. Let’s take a look at Insider Monkey’s article to find out about them.

In this day and age, one would think that many popular science myths that are debunked are long behind us. But some of them still persist, despite being exposed like false over and over again.

From dead people needing mani-pedi to black holes, there are plenty of science myths that we hear almost on daily basis. Some of them are passed in the family, as undisputable truths, while some we pick up along the way. Some have even been taught in schools. But even though our knowledge of the world increases every day, these myths keep popping up. To make matters worse, we even managed to create a few new ones. To read more, please visit 12 Popular Science Myths Debunked.