“Numbers certainly do not paint a bright picture of top states for human trafficking in 2018. Human trafficking in these states is a very serious problem the US authorities certainly need to find a better ways to deal with. While the history of the United States teaches us that slavery was abolished in 1865, I am inclined to think that we have simply invented a new term for it. Term human trafficking is nowadays used to denote the same thing slavery denotes: the gravest violation of person’s fundamental rights and dehumanization of an individual. It implies an act that strips an individual of their freedom, subjugating them to the will of others completely. I do not intend to diminish other human rights abuses which we witness and experience every now and then by saying that human trafficking is the worst form of human rights abuse present nowadays.”

Given that human rights topics are what interests me, I have recently written another article on human trafficking for a website Insider Monkey. Despite the fact that I wrote about this issue before, I did not find it boring. This time, I focused my energy on researching about 12 top states for human trafficking in 2018 . There are no data available that would paint a picture of what the issue is like in 2018. After all, it is only the beginning of the year. However, by looking into the statistical data on human trafficking victims in 2017, it is easy to predict which states will have a higher number of human trafficking victims this year. To rank 12 worst states for human trafficking, I used the data provided by the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Only in 2017, there were 4.460 reported cases of human trafficking. A staggering figure! I found that the issue has become more prominent in Ohio, which noted 38 % increase in the number of human trafficking victims in 2017. I hope this negative trend does not continue in 2018. To find out which states have made it to the list of the worst for human trafficking in 2018, check out the article.