13 Best Small Lightweight Digital SLR Cameras


We had the desire to preserve a moment in time long before we actually invented the camera. Well, we have been doing exactly that without cameras for a long time as well. Of course I am talking about portraits and paintings, but with the advent of cameras things got much easier than before. With modern cameras it takes less than a fraction of a second to take a photo and thanks to digital technology, we can review our work instantly. To be honest, we no longer even need a dedicated camera to do a little photography, our smartphones are capable enough for some light shooting action. However, if you are serious about photography, then you start running into problems with the average smartphone camera. To snap the perfect photo, you need to squeeze all that you can from your camera and SLR’s are just the right tool for having influence over the elements. I mean, you can manipulate the exposure, the level of ISO, the shutter speed, aperture and all that good stuff with these modern DSLRs. If you are thinking about buying a DSLR camera, then I highly recommend that you take a look at our article.

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