If you’ve been wondering which is the easieset European country to make ends meet, Insider Monkey has compiled a list of   13 cheapest countries to live in Europe in 2018 .

Who wouldn’t like to live in Europe? The climate is nice, and Europe is one beautiful continent. So many countries, and so many different cultures. Indeed, when it comes to versatility, it could be said that Europe is the best place in the world! There are big and small countries, and you basically just skip the border to be in a completely different land. Exciting, isn’t it? It’s the perfect destination for a gap year. There is so much to learn and enjoy on this continent. How about doing that for a lifetime?

This article is actually about the cheapest countries in Europe with low property prices. The perfect combination, right? Also, you’ll see which countries are to be avoided if you wish to have a decent sum at the end of the month for your expenses. Finding cheap accommodation is essential when traveling, and it’s even more important when you live in that particular country. Additional data used in the research came from backpackers’ experiences. After all, they are experts on survival. Unless you were planning to eat every week in a restaurant with Michelin stars, their advice should be good enough. In most of the countries, some $30 dollars should be more than enough to cover all your daily expenses.

Therefore, give it some thought. Perhaps you could pick one of   13 cheapest countries to live in Europe in 2018 for your next holiday destination. If it comes up to your expectations, you could start living there and continue the adventure. Isn’t that what life is all about?