13 Coolest Free Android Apps in 2015


We can find lots of free apps for our smartphones as app markets are getting bigger and bigger with new apps everyday. For those who don’t want to use their energy in finding the best free apps which is just like looking for a great fish in the sea, we’ve something very useful to share. If you’re looking for some cool Android apps, Insider Monkey has done the research work for you and created a list of thirteen coolest free Android apps in 2015 that you’re going to like very much. So, let’s read Insider Monkey’s article to find out about these apps.

The most downloaded type of apps are games. A whopping 22.21% of Android users download them. An interesting fact is that apps needed for navigation, are the least important. Only 1% of users downloads them.

The real question is what makes an app cool? The first and most important thing is that it must provide a lot of fun. Also, an app must have a great interface, be useful and of course, free. Paid apps are usually developed for business or education, so they are useful, but they are not cool. To read more, please visit 13 Coolest Free Android Apps in 2015.