13 Coolest Free Android Apps in 2015


Android users are blessed with the largest app library compared to any other smartphone operating systems out there. The android app library is not just the largest, but also the most diverse and is home to some of the coolest exclusive apps in the market at present. The term “cool” can strike some people as being a little vague, therefore let me elaborate on this a little. When it comes to smartphone apps or application, the app first and foremost is free to use, it must also have great functionality, features and the GUI must be immaculate and easy to use even for a new user. So, when an app meets these criteria, then we can finally consider it to be cool. Armed with this set criteria, we went looking for the “coolest” apps out there for android, and after some thorough research, we are now able to present you with our findings, and not just in a random manner, but ranked according to the number of reviews and their average rating as well. So if you happen to be an Android user, the following article is a must read for you.

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