13 Countries with the Highest Teenage Pregnancy Rates in Developed World


As you shall see from Insider Monkey’s 13 countries with the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the developed world, it’s not only the poor and undeveloped countries that have issues with girls becoming mothers too soon.

You can read about countries with highest teenage pregnancy rates in Insider’s article about 15 countries with the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the world in 2018, and indeed, these are very poor countries, struggling with many issues. Teenage pregnancy statistics worldwide show the shocking data. The first country from that list has 229 pregnant girls per 1000 teenagers. Even though some countries of the developed world have tens of thousands teenage girls expecting babies, the severity of the situation can’t really be compared.

However, one cannot help but wonder how this is possible. Rich countries with high GDPs have all the possible conditions to prevent this from happening, don’t they? There’s the sexual education, and the high standard makes it possible to buy some form of birth control. Sex is widely discussed, and yet we can watch MTV’s shows about being 16 and pregnant.What are these countries doing wrong?

The article will give you numbers of potential young mothers per country. Also, here and there you will learn about the lowest and highest abortion rates among teenagers. Indeed, not all teen pregnancies end with giving birth. The process can be very harmful for the young body and cause fertility issues in the later years. Yet, some countries have thousands of pregnant teens. Something is probably wrong with the system, isn’t it?

Therefore, take a look at 13 countries with the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the developed world to see which countries are going to spend a big deal of their budget on sexual education again.