13 Good Excuses to Miss Work for a Day


Just take a glimpse of the outside. Isn’t it just lovely? Birds are singing, the sun is shining, the weather is just perfect, not too hot, not too cold…and there you are, sitting at your desk till 5 p.m.! It’s just not fair, isn’t it? Well, with these 13 good excuses to miss work for a day, you could actually do something for yourself!

Now, stop feeling guilty right there. Why would you? Everybody needs some time off occasionally. It’s a scientific fact. Research has shown that a happy worker is much more productive and eager to learn new skills. Therefore, this isn’t some white lie you’ll be telling, and you don’t have to feel like you’re lying to your parents about skipping class. Rather, think of it as investing in your future! the more rest you have, the more work you can do! Not to mention your good mood, which your colleagues will be grateful for. After all, you didn’t click on this article for no reason, did you? You know you want some leisure time today.

In case you’re reading this right before work, act fast! If you’re in a hurry, simply click on the link and enjoy the rest of your day. In case you’ve just entered the office, take a glimpse while no one is looking and find something you could use starting today (indeed, the excuses are that good). Some of them could even get you more than a day off, depending on how many you need. That’s right, these excuses are that good.

It’s not always easy to bend the truth, especially to someone’s face. You needn’t worry too much about it, though. Most of these suggestions and tricks can be done over the phone. Convenient, isn’t it? Even if you’re not really the most skilled and talented actor out there, you’re perfectly able of pulling these off. Why? Because these are all everyday situations you’ve probably already encountered at some point in your lives. Hence, you’ll know exactly what to do. Naturally, if you’ve lied about having a certain condition, don’t go to work the next day with a huge smile on your face. Show some compassion for those who had to stay at work, and play your part right.

In addition, bear in mind not to tag yourself having fun with your friends if you were supposed to be suffering from a condition. Laying low is highly recommendable in these cases. Some precautions need to be taken so as to avoid any unnecessary stress of being revealed.

Even if you’re not planning on fleeing from work today, think if there is any occasion for which you could really use that day off. Maybe you’ll be expecting guests soon enough, or there is a concert to go to, a celebration, or some other event which requires going to bed late, and getting up around noon.

As you can see, there are plenty of perfectly good reasons to choose one of 13 good excuses to miss work for a day. After all, you never know when you’ll be needing one.