13 Most Luxurious Hotel Chains in the World


Are you planning for the best trip of your life and looking for some luxurious hotels in the world? If yes, then you’ve come to exactly right place because we can help you out in finding them. There’s an article on Insider Monkey which has a list of thirteen most luxurious hotel chains in the world that we would like to share with you today. Let’s have a look at the article to find out about these hotel chains.

Now, while hotels themselves can be classified in a number of different ways, mostly depending on the country in which they are being classified, branded hotel chains, as well as independent hotels are best categorized using the market class index. There are six market classes in total, spanning from the economy, over midscale, upper midscale and upscale, all the way to upper upscale and luxury class.

These market classes can further be collapsed into three larger categories which look something like this: midscale and economy, upscale and upper midscale, and luxury with upper upscale. With this in mind it is clear that we’ll only consider upper upscale and luxury market classes for our list of 13 most luxurious hotel chains in the world. To read more, please visit 13 Most Luxurious Hotel Chains in the World.