The term “hotel chains” induce a feeling of luxury, comfort and relaxation. If you have ever stayed in any of the five star hotels, then you can surely imagine how pleasurable the experience can be in one such establishment. But, affordability is a great matter of concern, when it comes to such hotels. I mean, if you have to know, how much it says on the price tag, then you probably will not be able to afford it. And hotels that are this big, are usually part of a chain. People who operate such hotels are absolutely sure of what they are doing, because when you are charging a fortune for a night, there is no margin for error. And it is also to be expected that, those who choose to stay in such hotels are themselves quite accustomed to an overwhelmingly lavish and luxurious lifestyle. Pleasing these people can be a really difficult job. But, the hotel chains that made it to our list are doing this on a daily basis. And apparently they are very good at their job. Learning about such business ventures is a pleasure on its own. If you are into expensive hotel chains, then this is the perfect article for you to read.

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