13 Most Profitable Small Businesses


If you have some money on the side and you’ve been wondering what’s the best, most profitable, least complicated and safest investment out there, take a look at 13 most profitable small businesses by Insider Monkey.

Indeed, you’ve read it properly. This list is going to provide you with the businesses that are safest to invest, and yet enable you the greatest possible income. “What should I start my own business in?” or “How can I start a small business from home?”, are the questions that have been occupying your mind for quite some time, right? It’s been a while since you started weighing in your options on whether to risk it and invest your money, or just put it aside again for the rainy days, or for some other time you have a great idea. Sometimes you even think you should forget the whole thing and just take off to the Bahamas and take the pressure off.  However, you know that coconut oil and sandy beaches can’t last forever unless you have a small business of your own to provide funds for it. That’s why you’re not going for a swim in Hawaii just yet, and you’ve started reading lists of top ten most successful businesses to start as a part of your regular morning routine. The good news is you don’t have to look further. Insider Monkey’s list will give you a list of opportunities with most profits and least risk, together with the short descriptions and some useful details about each of them.

Also, the businesses in question are so diverse you’ll have no problem finding something that you are keen on. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take a look at 13 most profitable small businesses. And call the agency to book that trip to the Bahamas, or Hawaii. Because the money will soon be poring in.