13 Rappers Who Own Successful Clothing Lines


Music is a major part of our culture. I am not talking about any specific nation here, every nation in the world has its own unique kind of music. Music is embedded in our genetic code. We are drawn towards it, we cherish it and we love listening to it. Though music has undergone many changes throughout human history and it has been reinvented and reformed countless times. As a result, now we have extremely diverse music genres to choose from. And one such genre is rap music. It is, however a recent addition to the world of music, and only recently it has become very popular. There are many awesome rappers that we can listen to. And our today’s topic is about these rappers. Making good music will definitely give you publicity. And when you are popular, you want to make the most of your popularity. Therefore, some rappers have opened up clothing lines. It is proven that musicians tend to have an impeccable fashion sense, and as their fans, we would love to own clothes that have their name on it. Today we will be talking about some rappers who have not only achieved success as musicians but also as businesspersons.

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