14 Biggest NFL Scandals of All Time


The NFL is one of the highly regarded sports organizations in the United States. Therefore, naturally fans, journalists, and the entire nation hold the NFL and all involved with it to a very high standard. But over the years, these NFL players, quarterbacks, coaches and owners have proven multiple times that they are but humans. They are also subject to human weaknesses and they have committed horrible crimes, been caught breaking zero-tolerance NFL rules or simply (literally) caught with their pants down. The list that we are about to present to you contain some of the biggest scandals in NFL history, and those involved in these unfortunate events have suffered substantial penalties for committing such heinous acts as well. If you follow the sport, then I assure you, this is the perfect article for you to read, it will not only provide you with ample infotainment, but also make you more knowledgeable regarding the NFL. Just imagine, the next time you get in a heated argument with one of your buddies, you will know more about NFL scandals than them. That being said, the sport is a classic American entertainment and it should remain that way.

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