14 Good Excuses to Miss Work on Short Notice


Winter is coming. It’s raining. It’s gloomy. It’s cold. Do you really have to get out of bed and go to work today? Absolutely not! Just simply read Insider Monkey’s list of 14 good excuses to miss work on short notice!

We’ve all been there. On some days you don’t feel as productive. You feel like the weekend was too short, or you’re still suffering from the last night hangover (and you had sworn that would never happen again). Your head is pounding and there is no right reason in the world why you should go to work today and let yourself be a laughing stock the whole week. Why not just call in sick? There are plenty of such excuses to miss work. In addition, Insider Monkey took great care that the illnesses you’re mentioning are untraceable or not requiring a doctor’s notice. Your boss won’t be hovering over you the next day wondering how is it possbile that you have got well so quickly. Also, there are no excuses such as “my grandma just passed away”. Do you really wish to pretend you’re sad the next day? Of course not. Why would you, when you’ll be well rested from the day before?

Some excuses are perfect for couples, and others for familes. To summarize, there is something for everyone. With fourteen options, you can have your pick! What is more, one excuse can get you a whole week off, or even two! It’s definitely worth reading, isn’t it? Don’t forget these are short notice excuses, so they will work instantly. The moment you finish your call, you’re free off any obligations!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and make that call! Check 14 good excuses to miss work on short notice and choose the best one for you. Your happiness is just a click and a phone call away!