14 Most Expensive Piaget Watches


Now if you happen to be a luxury watch admirer, then you are already very familiar with the name Piaget. Keeping with the long and honorable tradition of Swiss watchmakers, Piaget is a Swiss brand of luxury watches that has been in operation for over a century. It must be stated here, that Piaget has come a very long way since its humble beginning. The company has been in operation as a component maker of other prestigious Swiss watch brands, and had its own line of pocket watches for a very long time. It is only in the year 1991, the company focused its resources in producing luxury wrist watches, and it is needless to say, that since then the company has acquired considerable fame and fortune in this sector. What sets this brand apart from others is their mastery over the “Ultra-thin” movement in watches. In fact, they the company behind the thinnest tourbillon movement in the world at 3.5 millimeters is none other than Piaget. But, you can imagine what level of craftsmanship and effort it takes to get such results, and thus Piaget watches are often very expensive. I think for any wristwatch admirer, our article will provide a lot of infotainment.

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