This time of the year, every farmhouse around the country is full with fresh produce of apples and pumpkins. Well, if the farms produce apples and pumpkins obviously. New Jersey has always been known for its bountiful natural produces, especially apples and pumpkins. If you are thinking about a family getaway, then I do recommend that you give a chance to a farm near the New York City. Though the farms are not actually right next door to the New York City itself, but they are pretty close by. I mean just think about spending some with surrounded with nature in all its glory. Also, there are plenty to do with the whole family, petting zoos, bouncy houses and hay rides are just the few. If you live in New Jersey, especially in New York City then you must pick a day to visit the farms mentioned in our main article. The experience is amazing according to our sources. Of course we took into account the most reliable sources available to us, you will know about them as you go through the main article. If you are in the process of planning a holiday, I cannot recommend the article to you enough.

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