15 Best Cigarettes in the World


Feeling tired of all those looks when you go on your cigarette break? Fed up with the latest restrictions on smoking areas? Why don’t you just ignore that and light one of 15 best cigarettes in the world?

Smoking cigarettes. In today’s world, hardly is anything so forbidden and warned about on every step as smoking, and hardly is a man so persistent in it. Nowadays you can’t even see a cigarette on screen. Movies and series are conveniently pretending that their lead heroes don’t smoke. As for villains, that’s another story, but even they are depicted as non-smokers so as not to associate appealing dangerous looks with smoking. What is more, every pack of cigarettes is neatly decorated. By that we mean there is a warning on it informing us about potential consequences of smoking. They’re usually small, but eye-catching messages, or even worse – the images. Well, forget about all that and read about the best cigarettes the world can offer.

In this article you’ll see which cigarettes are the most popular, and the most expensive. There are always a couple of interesting facts about their first appearance in the market, the price, marketing slogan, or what blend is the best. Also, you’ll find out which brands are most purchased in some countries, and finally, the first place of the list is an absolute champion. Can you guess which one is it?

Another important information: the article offers links on the healthiest cigarettes,too. If you ever feel guilty because of your “sinful” activity, this could be of great use. Who knows, maybe they will appeal to you, too.

If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to light a cigarette and check whether it’s on Insider Monkey’s list of 15 best cigarettes in the world. Perhaps your favorite is loved and smoked by millions.