15 Best Vice Documentaries on YouTube


If you have been digging about anything out of ordinary on the internet, chances are you have come across vice one point or another. Vice is an amazing studio that produces equally amazing and bizarre documentaries on various subjects. As I mentioned before, vice primarily focuses on topics that are normally ignored by major production houses. This is the major reason that vice is so popular. Another major reason for vice to be as popular as it is, because most of the content that vice creates is readily accessible by anyone with an internet connection for free. I mean, you cannot  beat free for price and the production quality of vice documentaries is phenomenal to say the least. I mean, the list we are about to present to you is made from IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) ratings, and bad documentaries do not command high IMDB ratings that is for sure. When you go through the full article, you will also be able to enjoy the trailers directly from our article, thanks to editors, they embedded the relevant video after each segment. Without further ado, let me point you in the right direction.

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