15 Biggest Countries Where Domestic Violence is Legal


I am completely heartbroken and ashamed that something like the domestic violence made it past the medieval period. What people gain by abusing their wife I just cannot get my head wrapped around it. I mean, call me a bit backdated but the man in the house is suppose to protect the women not abuse her! If you have a few pounds advantage over the person next to you, does not give you the right to abuse them. I think, men are physically stronger than women because they have been given the divine duty to protect the women and children. And that is that, there is nothing more to it. I understand that there will definitely be bickering between husband and wife, but violence is definitely not the way to settle the differences, not insider the house. I am not a pacifist, I do not think that all violence is unnecessary, but domestic violence is definitely something extremely shameful. Even thinking about it makes me disgusted. Thankfully, most of the world has made domestic violence illegal. However, apparently there are some countries out there where it is kind of legal.

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