15 Cities with the Highest Autism Rates in America


“Given that the research up to date shows an increase in the prevalence of autism in the past three decades, we at Insider Monkey thought that creating a list of cities with the highest autism rates in America would make for an interesting piece of information. While many of us have heard about autism in media, or we know someone who is diagnosed as being autistic, there is a lack of knowledge about what autism actually is and what causes it and how it is treated. Autistic spectrum disorder is characterized by deficits in social communication and social interaction across various contexts. Challenges with social skills, repetitive behavior, speech and nonverbal communication, unique strengths and differences are characteristics of autism. The term spectrum is used in order to reflect the variation in challenges and strengths possessed by each person diagnosed as being autistic.”

Insider Monkey has recently published an article on 15 cities with the highest autism rates in America. Apart from providing the information with regards to autism statistics in the United States, the article also provides an overview of the basic facts with regards to autism. You can get information about autism diagnosis, autism causes, and autism treatment. The data suggests that there has been a steady increase in autism rates in the United States over the period of twelve years, 2000 to 2012. Such indicators certainly suggest that the issue deserves far more attention than it gets. For some years now, New Jersey has the highest autism rate in the United States. Unfortunately, there is a lack of recent numerical data with regards to autism, however, the article still offers a credible ranking of cities by taking into account autism statistics by state and cities population in order to estimate the number of autistic people living in the cities on the list. You do best with what you have got. To see which cities in the United States have the highest autism rates, read the article on 15 cities with the highest autism rates in America and satisfy your curiosity.