15 Countries with Highest Average IQ In the World


If a human is attacked by a wild dog, it is highly likely that he/she will lose to it in a contest of physical strength alone. Nature did not provide us with claws or teeth with which we could defend ourselves, instead nature gave us the intelligence, by using the intelligence far superior to any other species in the world, we have established ourselves at the very top of the food chain. Now let us talk about IQ or intelligence quotient, it is a system of assessing one’s level of intelligence. A scale rather, with which we can measure an individual’s mental capacity. Scientists have designed several standardized tests, these tests allow us to assign scores to our intelligence. The higher the score, the more intelligent a person is. Also, by exercising our brains, we can increase our intelligence, so it is very much possible to increase the IQ score by doing mental exercises. Today we will be talking about countries that have a high average IQ, meaning that the concurrent population of these countries are, in theory are smarter than other countries. This is an interesting prospect, and hopefully you will enjoy reading about it in full detail.

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