Asthma is an extremely difficult disease to cope with. It is quite difficult to explain how it is like to suffer an asthma attack, if you have never experienced it, then you will never understand. To put it simply, just try blocking off your nostrils with your fingers and try to breathe, this is how horrible it feels. Although not immediately lethal, asthma is extremely debilitating, it will limit what you can and cannot do. It is extremely important to identify what triggers the asthma and the best defense against it is to avoid such situations where you are likely to be exposed to the trigger. Many things can trigger asthma from cold to otherwise harmless pollen. Anyway, let’s not get way too off-topic here, we want to talk about the countries with the highest asthma rates in the world. Perhaps from this article, we would be able to establish a certain scenario where it is highly likely to contract such a deadly disease. If you suffer from asthma, you should try to avoid these countries as much as you can, because a trip to these countries could make your condition ever worse. As it already has been established that air pollution can cause asthma.

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