15 Countries with the Lowest Unemployment Rates in the World in 2017


“Life seems to be going smoothly when you are in school and when you put all of your energy and thought into getting that piece of paper that makes you qualified to enter into the labor force, or so most of us think. You might have financial troubles which, more often than not, pressure you to adapt to the capitalist mode of existence by developing your own survival techniques. However, in general, you are too occupied balancing between your studies and social life at the campus to be thinking about the two digit number on your credit card. The gratification you reach upon finally obtaining your degree does not last long as what follows is the pressure to find a job. Apart from being time and energy consuming, it can also be frustrating and disappointing.”

Some days ago, a website Insider Monkey has published an article on 15 countries with the lowest unemployment rates in the world in 2017. Unemployment is most certainly not something people are eager to deal with. While it might sound somewhat harsh, one could claim that unemployment makes the very existence less bearable. A lack of steady focus makes you dissipate your energy on things which ultimately do not matter. How can one hope to make any progress in that state? The article provides the information with regards to the highest demanding jobs nowadays and the unemployment rates worldwide. Given the predictions about the rise in the unemployment rate made by the International Labor Organization, moving to one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rate certainly sounds like a reasonable choice. When ranking the countries, the data that was used was the unemployment statistics for July and August of 2017, which was provided by countryeconomy and the unemployment statistics for the first quarter of 2017, provided by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Do you think your country has made the top 15? If you are as curious as I am, check out the article on 15 countries with the lowest unemployment rates in the world in 2017 and let me know what you think.