15 Easiest Argumentative Issues to Write About


So, you’re out of ideas? Essays aren’t really your thing, and yet you have to write one? You believe arguing about anything in written from is pointless? Don’t worry, we have the perfect topics for you in 15 easiest argumentative issues to write about!

Some people are just pure talents. Whichever topic they are given, their essays are brilliant. While some share their tricks, others remain silent about their secrets to excellent writing. But who are we kidding? Even when you know all the tips and tricks, writing an argumentative essay has never been one of your strengths. Until now, that is. With these easy argumentative issues, you’ll surprise yourself and your tutor!

Insider Monkey is giving a hand to all students (college and middle school) who are struggling with their writing. Not only are they providing you with topics that are super easy to discuss, they’re giving you the arguments as well. For Insider Monkey “easy” means “easy to argue about and has high chances of getting you a high grade”. We all know tutors and teachers are far from being unbiased and impartial. For that reason, the issues in question don’t concern any sensitive topics (religion, for instance). What is more, they also avoided issues that have been over used, such as the discussion over the death penalty. Finally, philosophical issues can’t be found here. “What is love” is too hard to explain, isn’t it?

Therefore, if you or anyone else you know has a written assignment and he or she is hopeless at giving a balanced discussion, then checking out 15 easiest argumentative issues to write about is a must!