Come on, now. Are you a man or a….chicken? How many times are you going to say not to the invitation for a karaoke party? Never again, because here are15 easiest karaoke songs for guys!

Karaoke parties are a blast. Mostly because they include lots of alcohol, and most importantly, lots of girls. Think about it. Would you really like be thinking about going to sing along party if there are only guys present? Didn’t think so. Even though karaoke parties are fun and can be hilarious, we both know you wouldn’t like to end up like a laughing stock. Or even worse: to freeze in the middle of the stage because even you can’t find the excuse for the voice coming out of your mouth. Leaving your audience speechless isn’t quite what you had in mind. You’ve come here looking for easy karaoke songs for beginners, and you know better than to fool yourself you’re the next Elvis Presley. Your vocal cords are just not meant for certain songs. Or most of them. That’s why Insider Monkey is giving you a list of best karaoke songs for men who don’t know how to sing properly.

So what kinds of songs can you expect to find here? Mostly pop, but there are also rock and country,too.Short ones as well. No song is expected to last more than 4:45. After all, they know standing on the stage isn’t your idea of best time (but it soon will be). Next, all songs that require super high notes are excluded. Last but not the least, there are You Tube videos with lyrics, and you won’t be able to resist singing!

That being said, we end our recommendation. Remember what we asked you at the beginning. Check out Insider Monkey’s 15 easiest karaoke songs for guys!