“I have been playing acoustic guitar for some time now. I picked it up as a hobby back in my high school days. The initial passion I had for it has by now subsided, which is unfortunate, to say the least. I still do play guitar sometimes, when I have the time to enjoy it really, but nowhere near as when I was younger. The guitar playing was the thing that made me one of the cooler members of my crew. Whenever there was a party thrown at someone’s place, I would be the person to call. Regardless of how amazing someone’s sound system is, there is something magical about playing guitar while everyone in the room sings. It just brings in positive energy, the sense of unity. Apart from this, I loved it when I was able to play people’s favorite songs while they would sing. It was a way of pleasing people which I did not mind at all.”

Have you ever thought about surprising your significant other by playing them a love song on that romantic date night? Even if you have never played guitar, you should know that putting this idea into practice is very much possible. All it takes is your motivation, which I assume you have a lot of, some patience and time to practice. Insider Monkey’s article on 15 easiest love songs to play on acoustic guitar seems to be written just for you. It has some great tips for those who are thinking about learning to play acoustic guitar. As it turns out, you do not even have to pay someone to teach you as long as you have access to internet. Cherry on the top is the list of the most beautiful love songs, most of which you probably listen to, which are super easy to play on guitar. Check out the article and pick the song you will play for your SO on Valentine’s Day.