15 Good Debate Topics for Kids


If you aren’t sure which debate topics would be suitable for all school grades, here are 15 good debate topics for kids! Big or small, students are going to have fun debating these topics!

However, even though most of them are light-hearted, there are some serious issues to be dealt with, such as bullying, for instance. Also, some topics will ask children to provide arguments on certain gadgets, but you shouldn’t worry too much about it. We are all witnesses that children are sometimes far more tech-savvy than the grown-ups.

Why is debating such an important activity that we are always looking for fun, interesting and age appropriate-topics? First of all, this is how future presidents are shaped. You have to possess great oratorical skills in order to be able to present your ideas clearly and assertively. Also, if you are proficient at debating, you’ll be proficient at supporting your arguments and defending from any verbal attacks. Good negotiating skills are also what is highly appreciated in the business world. Sometimes it’s not about the facts and figures, but it all comes down to the proper presentation. Providing you have participated in school debates regularly, that should be a piece of cake. Therefore, debating for primary students isn’t just another school club fun activity. It’s the first step in shaping future world leaders.

To summarize, all topics are age appropriate and convenient for children, but if you wish to have some fun yourself, try debating these with your friends. Just don’t let it go too far. You know people can act just like children sometimes, especially on straightforward topics.

We believe we’ve intrigued you enough to check out Insider Monkey’s list of 15 good debate topics for kids. While reading, you’ll also find some useful arguments for and against.