15 Healthiest Countries In The World


Keeping healthy and fit is the new global movement. I mean, with so many things around that can easily make you sick, we needed something like this. The majority of the world’s population has now become city dwellers. And in city conditions, we hardly get the physical exercise we need. With elevators, escalators and vehicles of all sorts we hardly ever work a leg. And if you consider the food, mainly the fast food culture, then you have the perfect recipe for disaster. However, we are not talking about some fitness program, rather we will be taking a look at some countries that are statistically healthy to live in, according to statistical data. I assure you, you will find the contents of this article quite interesting. And perhaps it might inspire you to bring about some changes to your lifestyle that will help you extend your life expectancy. There are basically two major criteria that we looked upon, the per capita expenditure on health care and average life expectancy of a given country, and then went on to rank them in accordance to the scores they obtained.

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