This article is meant to raise awareness, because once we thought that everything that passes quality control and make it to our hands must be very safe for use. However, that is not always the case. We do not want to tarnish any brands or we do not want you to stop using some products. Rather we merely want you, our readers to know that these products that made the list contain chemicals that are harmful. In its raw form, if a human is exposed to these chemicals will suffer serious consequences. However, since these substances come dissolved in various household products, their effects are not as pronounced. But that does not mean, they do not have any effect on us. Over time, and over prolonged exposure these substances can cause serious diseases. This is why we are publishing this particular article today, to make our readers aware about these chemicals. The list that we have come up with all contain these harmful chemicals, but in small quantities that are harmless if you consider instantaneous effects. But who knows what will happen after years of using these products. If you want to learn more then do tag along.

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