15 Largest Family-Owned Businesses In The US


The United States is a land of freed and also a land of boundless opportunities. The businesses we are going to talk about in this article, are some of the most well known and highly reputed business concern in the country. However, a large degree of the successes of these businesses has to be attributed to the fact that these businesses are owned by families, well at least the majority of the shares is owned by families at least. I am sure, you can think of a few names of such businesses, but you will not be able to guess all the 15 that made our list. However, let me be very clear that all the businesses you see in the list are anything but obscure, in fact you know the names but you just did not know the fact that these businesses are still owned by families for the most part that is. Anyway, if you have a couple of minutes to spare and would not mind reading a very interesting article filled to the brim with quality infotainment, then I invite you to Insider Monkey’s blog page to continue reading further on the topic.

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