“15 most censored countries with the highest internet and media censorship in the world are keeping their nationals in the dark. They are paradigmatic examples of the lack of media freedom. There is no question that the media plays an important role in shaping our perception of the world. This has always been the case, but perhaps nowadays even more as we have access to the internet. We have a wide array of media outlets to choose from, millions of sources of information to refer to in order to satisfy our curiosity. Simply put, we are given complete freedom to choose the particles that, put together, create lenses through which we see the world. It is precisely because of the media‚Äôs role in shaping our views that the media freedom should be an imperative every society should adhere to.”

Insider Monkey has recently published an article on 15 most censored countries with the highest internet and media censorship in the world , where the author analyzes the use and the extent of censorship in some of the most oppressive regimes throughout the world. Being fully aware of the importance the media plays in people’s lives, the governments of these regimes use it to their full advantage. By carefully selecting the content that public has access to, they keep their nationals uninformed and render them unable to critically examine the reality they live in. It certainly plays an important role in keeping their status of power. To analyze where the media and internet censorship are most prevalent, the author referred to data provided by the Reporters without Borders, the Freedom House and the Committee to Protect Journalists. The data used concern years 2017, 2016 and 2015. To see which countries are famous for “keeping their nationals in the dark”, check out the article on Insider Monkey. It will definitely give you something to think about.