A domain name is a type of identification for a website, that defines a zone of control within the internet. It is used in various networking tasks, but for us end users, the application that matters most is its use in visiting websites. For example “google.com” is a domain name many of us use to access the services offered by Google.

It’s of vital importance for a business venture that wants to go online, to have a fitting and interesting domain name. Which not only will kindle interest of potential customers, but also will be easy to memorize for its target customer group. In case of domain names, simplicity is the key, it seems, the more simple and relevant the domain name the more expensive it gets to acquire.

The catch here is, domain names are unique, if you are a person who thought of an unique domain name and managed to register it, no one else will be able to use it without your consent. It is a thriving business now a days. Registering a domain name is easy, anyone can register a domain name, but almost every domain name with common words have been registered already. Now if you are a business and you want a certain word as your domain name you might have to pay a hefty sum for it to its current owner. You are about to be amazed how much businesses will pay to get just the right domain name, follow the link through for more details 15 Most Expensive Domain Names of All Time