15 Most Profitable Franchises to Buy in 2015


Since you have shown interest in this article, I am going to assume that you are either an investor or looking for a good investment opportunity for the first time. In both cases, you cannot go wrong with investing in a franchise. The good thing about a franchise is, you will not have to establish brand equity, since the brand will already have a considerable popularity among your target customers already. The major problem any new business face is proper marketing. Without good marketing, the product will not be easy to sell to the customers. That is the reason why, so much investment is made in the marketing sector, not just in the initial stages of the business, but continuously. In case of a franchise, the mother company will already have enough marketing schemes running for its brand, so you just need to tap into these and design something that would benefit you directly. Yes, you have pay franchising fee to the mother company, but usually the tradeoff is worthwhile. A product that is well known to the market is always easy to sell. And more sells translates into more profit for both you and your franchisor. The only drawback to buying into a franchise business is the cost, this poses a huge entry barrier, because most prominent brands demand a huge franchising fee and some pretty rigid start up requirements that will enable you to conform to their standards. If you are ok with the cost involved, you are better off buying into a franchising contract than starting a new business yourself, in terms of risk of loss that is.

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