It is quite strange that humans are perhaps the only creation of God who can easily sacrifice his/her life in order to protect another’s and at the same time there are humans who can take a life away just for the sport of it. No matter how contradictory these mentalities are, they exist hand in hand in human societies. Today we will be talking about the darker side of humans, thankfully most of us are people with a conscience and rational judgement, but the handful of black sheep that we do have amongst us can sometime cause a tremendous amount of damage. So we must learn of them, try to understand them and their drives for going on a killing spree, so that we can prevent or at the least keep ourselves safe from encountering such a disaster. The “people” no, I cannot in the right mind address to them as people, the “beasts” that made into the list are destruction personified. The article that I am talking about is not pleasant, and definitely not recommended for people with a heart condition, but we cannot hide from reality buy denial, we must learn of the truth so that we can better prepare ourselves and God willing prevent such criminals from ever being born (figuratively speaking).

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