If we think on a larger scale, the question is: which are the most sexually open countries? What comes first on the top of my mind is Germany, and precisely Berlin. This city is so liberal that they have clubs in which you can enter in your black latex suit – being men or women is not of importance. That’s why, I would also put it on the list of the most sexually active countries in Europe, right beside the romantic Italians. As we promote openness in this text, let’s not just think in terms of Europe. When it comes to the most sexually active countries in Africa, on the top of that list is Nigeria. If we go further, in Asia, that would be Malaysia. Furthermore, when sex industry is mentioned, Thailand and the Philippines are the first countries that pop into your mind, right? Unfortunately, these countries are having a lot of problems with illegal prostitution. In America, most sexually active states are considered to be California and Texas.

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